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Create nice looking, highly customizable, searchable maps!

LocateAnything is a versatile and highly customizable WordPress plugin aimed at creating nice looking searchable/filterable maps. Easily let your users search your maps by tags, custom taxonomies,xprofile fields(with the BuddyPress addon) and much more…

LocateAnything is the ideal tool to create event map, festivals, geodirectories, community maps (user maps), store locators, social network map (BuddyPress Maps).

  • Use just any taxonomy as a filter

    Use any taxonomy (custom taxonomies or regular taxonomies) as a filter.

  • Supports Custom Post Types

    Most of the WordPress plugins only support posts and pages. Not this plugin! Total support for any custom post type and their taxonomies!

  • Fully customizable marker icons

    You can define a custom marker icon for each location or choose to use the same marker for the whole map. It’s up to you!

    Choose between the plugin’s predefined marker icons, create your own markers using Ionicon or just use any image from the media library. Total flexibility!

  • Customizable Map Overlay

    Choose between 4 different map overlays… Or use any overlay you want with the Custom Overlay Addon

  • Additional fields

    Need to display a specific info on the map? Create additional fields! Additional fields are custom fields specifically designed to be displayed on the map.

    Let’s say your map is about Bars and you want to show the opening hours and the name of the nearest subway station? Create 2 additional fields : openingHours and nearestSubway. Done! Those informations are ready to be displayed in the marker list and the tooltips.

  • KML with Styles

    You can use any valid KML file with LocateAnything…And make it look exactly the way you want!

  • Fully customizable tooltips

    Customize the tooltips EXACTLY as you want them : HTML, audios, videos, images,post content… Tooltips can display nearly anything.
    Customize the tooltip template for each marker independently, you have total control on the information that appears…or use a tooltip preset for instant styling!

  • Fully customizable marker list

    Customize the marker list as you please : HTML, audios, videos, images,post content…

  • Ready to use

    Need a map NOW? choose a map Layout, click, you are done!
    Not exactly what you had in mind? No worries!Just edit the layout CSS directly in the admin!

  • Robust

    LocateAnything has been tested with 10 000 markers containing images, videos and audio…and still ran smoothly

  • Responsive & Touch optimized

  • And many other features…

    Google Places searchbox
    Detection of user’s location
    Rounded corners / Squared corners tooltips
    Map Localization : Choose your map language (beta)
    Optional cache system : ready to handle thousands of markers
    Marker Clustering
    Addons for Buddypress, Advanced filters, new marker icons, new map layouts
    And much much more!

 Check Out The Back Office Screenshots!

Change the map color, the map tile provider, the min and max zoom level, add new markers, change the navigation template and MANY other settings…in just a few clicks.